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- Breeds in the casting: Australian Shepard, German Wire Hair Pointer, Dalmation, English Shepard, Border Collie, Akita, Shibu Inu, Malanois, Weimaraner, Bernese Mtn Dog, Great Swiss Mtn Dog, Patterndale Terrier, Pointer (MIX), Chesapeake Bay Retriever (MIX).  
- the Visla posted will need prep to be able to do the shoot..
- there are breed and age notes under each full size photo
- there are breeds that go beyond the 'preferred' list
- there are 2-3 breed 'mix' dogs for your consideration...
- all dogs are either working studio dogs, or private party dogs that have worked in the industry and have been vetted by SAS.
Password: Pro-plan (case sensitive)
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