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                               WARDROBE DIRECTION & SWIPES



Hello!!!  Overall wardrobe will have an accessible feel with perhaps a twist on 

little details that help give each person an individual look . my ideas below are just 

ideas… we can further explore them if liking this idea… but based on talent selects and 

the overall feel of this shoot … the common thread is keeping it REAL. 


for example, soccer uniforms can be a simple perforated yellow jersey with a number on it…

PLEASE GIVE US AN IDEA OF WHICH UNIFORM YOU LIKE BEST SO WE CAN GET THEM READY FOR THE KIDS.. THERE ARE TWO OPTIONS. THANK YOU. … soccer socks and cleats but perhaps we can give one of the kids a knit beanie, one of the kids glasses , another idea is fun laces in cleats … layering one of the jerseys with a thermal... things of this nature to give the individual some depth… 


adults can be in casual basics … denim , khaki's , button ups , cardi's , etc., a-line skirt with a light weight sweater. colors should be more on a neutral palette with the possibility of a 

soft color way, nothing to fussy  or dressy. 

think jcrew. 


kids skateboarding … should also have this sort of real feel…  shorts , t's , chinos , layering t's , high tops..converse etc.. vintage belt , shoe lace belt , a generic patch on sweatshirts,  funny striped socks..….again giving each child their own personal look .. 

maybe one has a key ring on his belt loop , glasses for one of the kids, baseball cap, knit beanie… checkerboard laces in shoes….things of that nature..

color palette is neutral with hits of maybe some red or orange.. 


all kids will have casual clothing as well for other set ups… looks to be determined once we preview on feb 2. 

included in this very short brief are some pics of clothing that is being shopped. ( LABELED GIRLS, BOYS , SOCCER UNIFORMS)


i hope you like this so far .. much more to share in person but this is the overall feel and direction of how we can 

outfit these kids to give them an individual look all their own. 

talk soon and thank you.  


Eddie Schachnow




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